Two Simple Steps to Follow When Filling a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most electrifying things to do because they make us feel reckless. In addition, they are useful, smaller than a car, and faster too! The thing with them is that. because of their high-speed capacity, they can cause an accident. And what is more annoying than trying to file an accident insurance claim? To be prepared in case that happens, here I leave you two simple steps to follow:


Know the Different Types of Claims

To make this process quicker, you have to be aware of the two kinds of claims that you might file. In case of an accident, you should carefully check your motorcycle looking for damages in its structure to notify your insurance company. This claim is called “Property damage”.

If you also got hurt during the accident, the claim that you must file in order to receive the proper compensation for medical expenses is called “Personal injury”.


Calculate Your Compensation

The amount of money that you are going to receive as compensation for accidents depends exclusively on the terms of your insurance policy. There are even specific parts of your insurance contract that cover different types of accidents, such as collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

You must know that, contrary to popular belief, in case of a total loss declaration, you are going to get the exact amount that your motorcycle is worth at the moment of the accident. Not what you paid when you bought it.

These two tips will definitely help you in case of getting involved in a motorcycle accident. You must also be aware that if the crash occurred because of another driver’s mistake, you must have proof of it, and you should also ask him for his insurance information with the intention of obtaining the proper compensation. In case of needing more help, contact me!

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